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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Movie Review: Lego Movie 2: The Second Part

The first Lego movie came out in 2014, and ended with the introduction of the little sister’s Duplo block creatures as they landed in the older brother’s carefully orchestrated Bricksburg. 
Since that time, Bricksburg has become an apocalyptic wasteland where everything is no longer awesome. People spend their time brooding and fighting the alien invaders when they appear, hoping to fend off “momageddon”.  Emmet, the ‘hero’ of the first movie, is still the same happy-go-lucky person, enjoying his time in the apocalypse as much as possible, greeting his friends, drinking coffee, and building dream houses for he and Lucy.  The Justice League (complete with Momoa Aquaman) heads off to fight the aliens but never returns. 

One day, a new alien appears, and everyone hides inside Batman’s lair.  The emissary kidnaps all of Emmet’s friends, forcing him to head into space to find and save them.  Along the way, he teams up with Rex Dangervest to defeat the Queen of the Sis-tar system, Watevra Wa’Nabi, who is about to marry Batman.  Batman was at first against the idea, but as soon as the Queen mentions she’s more into Superman anyway, he’s suddenly very into her.  I loved this bit – it’s just so hilarious.

Directed by Mike Mitchell, the movie is as fast-paced as the original, with superfast throw away jokes and one-liners. There’s plenty for both adults and kids.  The songs are equally entertaining, especially the “Catchy Song” used as a brainwashing tool. 

  • Chris Pratt plays both Emmet and the new arrival Rex Dangervest, who is really just a compilation of various Chris Pratt characters.

  • Elizabeth Banks is back as Wyldstyle, and I really loved the scene where someone asked her why Emmet was the ‘special’ of the last story if she did most of the work.

  • Will Arnett is back as Lego Batman, who admits to having been off on his own adventures. 

  • Tiffany Haddish joins the cast as the space queen, who is absolutely not evil. She's so not evil she has a song about how not evil she is!

  • Stephanie Beatriz plays the emissary, General Mayhem, who comes to take everyone to a matrimonial ceremony in the Sis-tar system.

  • Alison Brie is back as Unikitty, Nick Offerman returns as MetalBeard, Charlie day is back as Benny, and Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill return as Superman and Green Lantern.  None of them have any major scenes this time around, instead settling for hilarious bits here and there.

  • Maya Rudolph plays the kids’ mom this time around, insisting the Legos go into storage after stepping on a brick for the umpteenth time and getting tired of the kids (Finn and Bianca) fighting about whose Lego sets go where.  These scenes about siblings and their Legos really hit me right in the heart.  Stop making me cry in the theater Lego movie!

Overall, the movie is incredibly entertaining, and definitely worth checking out. 

8 out of 10 – yes, that song will get stuck inside your head.

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