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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

On Kelly Marie Tran's awesomeness

Re-posting this rant I posted on my Facebook page. 

Warning - rant ahead.
Kelly Marie Tran, the lovely and amazing actress who played Rose Tico in The Last Jedi, has reportedly had to delete some of her social media accounts after receiving hateful and attacking comments from those who 'hate her character' and 'think she ruined Star Wars'. Daisey Ridley did the same last year. This sickens me on many levels - but in a very personal way, sickens me because these idiots threatening her are the loudest, and so get the most attention - causing some to think the entire Star Wars fandom is like that.
We are not.
There are many of us my age (and older), who grew up loving the original trilogy and the countless books, games, graphic novels, etc. that formed the Expanded Universe. At the time (the 80s), many of us were bullied and picked on for liking something viewed as "nerdy", "geeky", or "non-mainstream" (this happened to fans of any genre entertainment at the time - for example, Trekkers can relate). The bullying was especially harsh for girls (how many times did I hear, "You can't like Star Wars - it's not for girls"), and even more predominant for girls of color. Growing up through those experiences and clinging to these stories that we loved made them very personal for us.
The prequels built on the story, and elicited some hatred, but the difference between that hatred and the current round is social media. For most of us (I repeat, MOST of us, please know that the loud idiots do not represent us), we understand that it's hard to let go of this thing that we were bullied for loving, and accept that it is now something globally and widely loved. it's not just ours anymore - and we understand that is a good thing. Why wouldn't we want more movies and stories?! Even if they're not our cup of tea, more of the thing we love is not a bad notion.
However, there are some that are unable to let go - and who feel that they have some ownership on this universe. Unfortunately, they also have internet access and get loud on the social medias. The best thing to do is ignore them - negativity doesn't help anyone - if you didn't like the latest movie, that's fine, and sure, you can share your opinion - as an opinion, not as fact - and without directing a personal attack on any of the folks who made the movie. You can say you didn't like it, and move on - it is just a movie, after all. Attacking an actor or director and saying hateful things to them online thanks to the anonymity of the internet makes you a coward and is inexcusable.
And oh yes, let's not forget that the loudest of these complainers are white men who cannot handle the fact that many of the leads of these new movies are female and people of color. Ahem - one more time for the racists in the back: SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP. RACISTS ARE NOT WELCOME - EVER - AND YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED.
Racism and sexism are never acceptable. Just because our favorite fantasy universe is now reflecting a wider array of folks, doesn't mean it's any less for you, it's just now for everyone, and honestly that's the part that pisses them off.
I personally loved Kelly's character, Rose, and while her side-quest in the movie felt a little unnecessary, I loved what she brought to the performance - which was pure exuberance!  I read something today that Rose's character in the movie was essentially a 'fanboy' that had to grow up quickly and shift her worldview - something that caused some upset because it hit a little close to home for these few toxic individuals. An interesting take that I had not thought of before. Also - I can't help but think of her last line - we will win not by destroying what we hate, but saving what we love. 

Personally, I still love Star Wars, and I really love that it's become more diverse, widely accepted, and more inclusive.
Nothing makes me happier than seeing a little girl who is super into Star Wars. Even if I don't care for some of the new movies (sidenote, even the new movies I didn't care for - I still really liked). Also - I love Kelly Marie Tran, and wish her the best.
MTFBWY, Always.
Rant over, you can return to your regularly scheduled scrolling.

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