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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Retro Movie Review: The Lost Boys (1987 - R - 97 minutes)

It's right around Halloween, and that made me think of various horror/scary movies I've enjoyed over the years.  Honestly, there are not many; I'm just not a huge scary movie fan. I do love 28 Days Later, the Faculty, and Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight.   I watch Tim Burton's Sleepy Hallow every year while carving pumpkins.  I think it's the best example of "Tim Burton style", and exceptionally appropriate for pumpkin carving, with the headless horseman throwing pumpkins around.
While recording our Halloween Movie Special Podcast (check it out here --> http://hesawshesawfilm.wordpress.com/2012/10/31/halloween-horror-fest/), I remembered how much I loved the movie the Lost Boys from 1987.
The movie is short and simple, a classic Vampire horror story, back when Vampires were still scary and just starting to become all sexy and dark and moody.  This movie is exceptionally 80s, and really fun.  It's one of the first pairings of the Coreys, and features Brat Pack members Keifer Sutherland and Jason Patric, as well as honorary member Jamie Gertz.
In terms of story, well it's pretty simple... Michael and Sam movie to Santa Clara with their mother.  It's a pretty typical southern California town.  Michael falls for a girl, of course, the girl is  hanging with the 'wrong crowd', a group of up-all-night bad boys.  They're the usual brand of bad boys, with one exception, they're all Vampires.  Michael slowly begins to be turned, while Sam starts to notice changes and meets the Frog Brothers, a pair of young local vampire hunters.  Sam battles to save Michael before he turns all the way, in order to do so, they have to find and kill the head vampire.  In a shocking plot twist, the head vampire is not who you think it is!!!
The movie was directed by Joel Schumacher, back when he was still directing decent things, and before he ruined Batman.  This movie fell between his St. Elmo's Fire and Flatliners - two quintessential Brat Pack movies.  The movie is shot like any other 80's gem, fast-paced and slick with heavy music-video influence...remember music videos?
The cast was perfect for this flick:
  • Jason Patric as Michael:  wonderful and believable as the kid slowly getting sucked in by the bad boys but wanting to be good, most of the others would never have been able to pull off the 'wanting to be good' part of this character.  Probably my favorite thing he's done, next to Solarbabies...
  • Corey Haim as Sam:  One of the most prolific young actors of the 80s, next to his partner Feldman, and Lukas Haas; Haim is fresh-faced and adorable here, before he became a cautionary tale for other young actors.  Probably my favorite thing he's done, next to Dream a Little Dream and License to Drive.
  • Dianne Wiest plays Lucy - the mother, charming and quiet.  She seems mostly overwhelmed by everything that is happening to her family. 
  • Barnard Hughes plays the Grandpa - who the family comes to live with.  Eccentric and wise, his big moment comes at the end of the movie, up to that point, he gets some snappy one-liners.
  • Edward Hermann plays Max - Lucy's co-worker who is gentle and kind and she begins dating. He comes over for dinner a few times, and again - has a big moment at the end.
  • Corey Feldman plays one of the Frog brothers, who really seems to be continuation of his character from Stand By Me, just a little more battle hardened.  The Frog brothers convince Sam the town is filled with Vampires when everyone else around him thinks he is going crazy.  Plus, there's the awesome dinner scene where the Frog Brothers and Sam run a bunch of vampire tests on Max. Hilarious!

  • Jami Gertz plays Star - seriously, Star - the girl of Michael's dreams.  He insists on rescuing her, thus putting him at odds with the clique of vampires.  She was also in Solarbabies, and Twister, and is now awesome on ABC's the Neighbors...well, okay, maybe awesome is high praise, but I like the show.
  • Alex Winter (Bill from Bill and Ted) and Billy Wirth play two of the other bad boy vampires with various bad attitudes and wigs. 
  • Kiefer Sutherland steals most of the movie as David, the supposed leader of the group of vampire bad boys.  Armed with an amazing ultra-blonde mullet, some wicked fangs, and a container or two of worm-rice, David does what he can to get Michael to join their group.  He shows him all the up-sides of being a vampire, and boy does it look cool, what with all the beachfront saxaphone concerts.  Kiefer is menacing and crazy in this movie - so fun.
If you're feeling nostalgic, and you miss some of the nonsense that was the 80's, rent this - it's absolute silly fun.  Don't bother with any of the direct-to-video sequels...just stick with the original.  Vampires are always cool, and in this movie, they are 80's cool, or perhaps even radical.
7 out of 10.  Gained points for the use of the People are Strange song over the opening credits..great song.  Lost points for the maggots...ewww....Gained points for Grandpa's last line...awesome!
Bonus Video 1:  Solarbabies trailer - hey, two of the stars are in this, so...in case you forgot about Solarbabies (or never heard of it in the first place!!)
Bonus Video 2:  I mentioned it earlier, so here's the evidence of Joel Schumacher ruining Batman...thank goodness Christopher Nolan saved him.
Bonus Video 3:  St.Elmo's Fire Trailer...Schumacher's decent Brat Pack movie:
Bonus Video 4:  Interview with Kiefer regarding The Lost Boys...

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  1. I forgot that Joel Schumacher directed Lost Boys. Man how could one person make such an awesome movie like that and go mess it up with the two lesser Batman sequels